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Park Assist - PLA + PDC Front and Rear SET 5QA919298H for VW Multivan Transporter T6.1 -

Park Assist - PLA + PDC Front and Rear SET 5QA919298H for VW Multivan Transporter T6.1 -

for RHD markets - 7L2927212 black gloss bar

Producer: Car-Systems

Price: 899.00 EUR including VAT

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Product description

VW Multivan Transporter T6.1 - Park Assist Front & Rear + PDC Front & Rear Set

Dimensional product. The cost of express delivery on request.

Please provide VIN / Chasiss number in order to check compability - recommended

This kit fit :

  • VW Multivan Transporter T6.1 -> all 2JG RHD models with factory fitted
    • MFA+ or Premium


  • After installation you need to code the system. Please contact an VW dealer
    or workshop with diagnostic software.

Scope of delivery :

  • Wirings
  • 1x Control unit 5QA919298H
  • 1x Switch for RHD markets - 7L2927212 (with black gloss bar)
  • 4x PLA Sensors
  • 2x PLA Holders 
  • 8x PDC Sensors Black Mat
  • 4x PDC Holders
  • 2x Front Blende (PDC/PLA)
  • 1x Front Grill
  • 2x Buzzer
  • We dont provide coding manual for this product

Your car will practically park itself, cleverly steering into the tightest of spaces at the touch of a button.
All you have to do is work the pedals.

With Park Assist on your car it's like having your own personal parking attendant.
Our parallel parking system helps you park with ease - even in tight spots.

How it works?



When you want to parallel park your car you just press the Park Assist button and use the indicator before your car passes the parking space. Ultrasonic sensors in the front bumpers will scan the space to see whether it is big enough.

You then stop the car, select reverse gear and let go of the steering wheel. Park Assist shows you its intended reverse path on your multifunctional display, then puts the car into the best starting position and steers automatically into the space. Even though you don't have to steer, you're always in control of your car, working the accelerator or brake and the clutch. And you can deactivate the system immediately by taking over the steering or by braking to a standstill.

Parking in even smaller spaces. We've developed an enhancement to Park Assist that can help park your car when you want to reverse into even smaller spaces, in one or more moves. This semi-automatic system leaves you to assess the suitability of the parking space yourself, while you operate the accelerator and brake. You keep control of the car at all times, and can deactivate the parking assistant immediately.

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