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Steering Wheel Module and Slip Ring - Table

    • Slip Rings
      • Type 1: 1K0-959-653 and 1K0-959-653-A
      • Type 2: 1K0-959-653-C and 1K0-959-653-D


    • Variants
      • Lowline: No additional Options/Features
      • Midline: Cruise Control, Board Computer
      • Highline: Cruise Control, Board Computer, Multi-Function Steering Wheel


    • Steering Angle Sensor
      • Yes: The Steering Angle Sensor (G85) is installed directly at the Steering Wheel/Slip Ring.
      • No: The Steering Angle Sensor (G85) is part of the Electro Mechanical Steering Assist.


  • Notes:
    • #1: 1K0-953-549-BC may have a Bug which doesn't allow Cruise Control Retrofitting, in such a Case you need to replace the Steering Wheel Control Module.
    • #2: Manual Transmission only

Publication date: 10.10.2011 00:00:00

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