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Mobile Start of Parking Heater - Complete Set for Wireless Heater Connection - ThermoCall

Mobile Start of Parking Heater - Complete Set for Wireless Heater Connection - ThermoCall

for cars with Parking Heater T91 Upgrade

Producer: Car-Systems

Price: 199.00 EUR including VAT

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Product description

Complete Set for Wireless Heater Connection

for cars with Parking Heater T91 Upgrade


With our module You can :

  • start / stop heater, confirmation when on
  • check temperature in the car 
  • battery voltage / alarm if voltage under 11.0 Volt
  • remote controller status
  • controlled by all apps f.ex webasto, DANHAG
  • 5 authorized storable phone numbers
  • Feedback function via SMS and APP


The CRS remote control W-BUS can be used for all + 12V and W-BUS controlled parking heaters
and heaters are used.

Our SET brings you completely new freedom. This allows you to have your heater at any time
and operate from any location specifically and conveniently via SMS.

For the operation you need a SIM card with sufficient credit.
Suitable cards are offered by T-Mobile, Vodafone or E-Plus.
Using the optional feedback feature incurs additional costs. The amount depends on the contract type.

SIM card is not included.


Scope of delivery :

  • GSM module
  • wiring harness


We are not an authorized WEBASTO distributor and is not associated with WEBASTO in any way.

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