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AUDI A4 B9/8W - Auto Hill Hold Start Assist SET - Wire Harness + RHD button

AUDI A4 B9/8W - Auto Hill Hold Start Assist SET - Wire Harness + RHD button

Hill Hold / Auto Hold / Hill Start Assist - 8W2927143A - RHD

Producer: Car-Systems

Price: 99.00 EUR including VAT

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48 h
Costs of shipment:
  • UPS / GLS Standard - ONLY European Union 1-5 days 20.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS Express - Europe 24/48h 40.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS Express - Worldwide 3-7 days 35.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS / GLS Standard - only in Poland 24h 4.00 EUR brutto
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Product description

AUDI A4 B9 - Auto Hill Hold Start Assist SET

- Harness + RHD button

Extremely comfortable system into your car.

Your AUDI A4 will automatically stand in place without having to press the brake pedal.


Retrofitting the Original Hill Hold / Auto Hold / Hill Start Assist is possible on AUDI A4 B9 with automatic transmission.

Product description:

You can stand on a slope WITHOUT BRAKE PEDAL, without rolling backwards or forwards.
You can leave the automatic selector lever on D / S and off the brake - the vehicle ALWAYS stays in place without moving - by pressing the accelerator pedal your AUDI will start again immediately (even with the start / stop system switched on).
With manual switches, it is sufficient to operate the clutch when the gear is engaged OR as with automatic models, to operate no pedal at all.
You no longer need to apply the parking brake if you e.g. want to get out of the vehicle shortly etc.
If you park your AUDI you no longer have to use the handbrake - after removing the ignition key (or keystroke on KeylessGo) the engine stops and the parking brake automatically closes (the handbrake activates).
You can activate or deactivate the system at any time by pressing a button on the new button.
A very comfortable special equipment for your AUDI.

Suitable for:

  • AUDI A4 B9 with automatic transmission
  • AUDI A5 F5 with automatic transmission


  • After installation you need to code the system. Please contact an Audi dealer or workshop with diagnostic software.

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring Harness Set
  • Auto Hold button 8W2927143A (RHD)
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