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Keyless Protection - electronic key fob protector for battery CR2032

Car Theft Protection - two activation options

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Product description

Keyless Protection - electronic key fob protector - Theft Protection

For Key FOB with battery CR2032

To make sure that the product will be compatible
please provide in the ordering process 
to which car You are buying a protector.


Complete SET for retrofit of your car with comfort key (Keyless Entry / Go)


Two activation options available on sale:

  • double tap activation (standard)
  • no tap motion-activated


Protection system that will protect your car from "relay attack" car thefts.
Keeping all the advantages of the keyless system.


Do You have a car with a keyless entry system?

Take a look, how quickly can you lose it.




Ultimate, Simple and Affordable Solution to Vehicle Security!

Protect your vehicle from car criminals who are using RELAY attacks. The device is easy to use and simple to fit, the keyless protector makes securing your vehicle effortless. Keyless Protector is the most affordable solution on the market, its been tested alongside vehicle locksmiths and has recognition around the world.

Car Crime using "Relay Attacks" are rising, you can now combat this and have comfort in the fact that your vehicle is safe!

Relay Attack is being used to enable criminals to steal any keyless vehicle in under 30 seconds. With no force of entry, the criminals use long distance antennas to intercept your key signals essentially fooling your vehicle in thinking you are standing next to it. Once unlocked the vehicle signals which were intercepted also enable the car to start and all of this is done in under 30 seconds.

Keyless protector is the best solution to combat this type of theft.Until now the only other solution was to hide your keys in a place where the signals would not escape, which the average person may struggle to verify until it becomes too late. The other solutions range from hiding your keys in a safe to having external devices fitted to your cars internal computer, voiding any existing warranty cover.

The Keyless Protector suits all proximity keys, preventing criminals from accessing your vehicle remotely. Its never been easier to protect your vehicle. Simply fit the keyless protector inside of your key and your vehicle is now safe.

Keyless Protector is the Ultimate Defense against Car Theft!


Double Tap Version

protect activation:
The keyless protector automatically turns off the key fob after leaving the car
and moving about 20-30 steps or lay down the key fob motionless for 180 sec. 
As a result, the key signal will not be intercepted.

protect deactivation:
Approach the car and completely stop (motionlessly) for 1 second. 
Open the door by tapping keyfob twice within 1 second apart. Now start the engine.
The device sensor detects the smallest movements.

No Tap Version

protect activation:
Automatically, after laying motionless for 180 seconds.

protect deactivation:
Keyfob is active only while in movement



It has the form of a clip, which easily and quickly can be put on the keyfob battery
without interfering with the car's electrical system.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Keyless Protection KIT (choose the option)


Condition: new

Producer’s code: CRS035.KEY.2032

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Product recommendation: Keyless Protection - electronic key fob protector for battery CR2032
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