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How To Install A Webasto Telestart to BMW E39 530d


How To Install A Webasto Telestart to a Post 99 E39 530d

Hi this is a how to to install the telestart remote option to a POST 99 530d..

**update Oct 07*** i have now created a photobucket account and am hosting pictures there.. also i have created a (google) link below somewhere that will take you directly to the pictures
and i have also added a short ? blurb at the top as to what all this does!!

and yes my telestart still get me all toasty in the mornings!!

a bit about the telestart....

firstly its basic function is to supply 12 volts to pin 1 on the webasto heater, nothing more nothing less.... however the reason it costs so much is the range of the unit .. its huge...
the timer function ( how long you set the heating for is all built into the remote) i.e. you can set one remote for 20 minutes and another can be 40 .. its all done in the remote not the receiver itself i guess it sends a different code to how long the heater is required..

anyway... basically the telestart sends 12 volts to pin 1 on the heater, this then wakes the heater up and starts the burn cycle... warming up the engine block and the interior.
the interior fans will come on approx 5 minutes after the heater is started( it does this bit by sending a data signal from the webasto to the cars heater / aircon module.. i think its a can bus signal - this bit is installed already in the heater) this ensures that there is sufficient warmth in the engine coolant to heat the interior.. the vents will automatically allow warmed fresh air in and points the vents up to the windscreen to defrost it and also down the floor to heat the cabin.. this is not changeable... this will mean you will never have to scrape ice from your car again !!!!

the heater will shut down in the following options....
you press the button and it turns off
you get in the car and you drive off - the heater will self shut down and the timer will disable itself.
the cars battery get to low ( this is to protect the car) it enables you to still crank the engine to get it started !! cool!!
the coolant is already too hot..
its way to warm outside to be using the heater anyways!!

note its a good idea to run the heater in the summer to keep things from seizing up or going faulty !!

you can also wire up the telestart to work in summer mode... by adding another wire to pin 5 (i think) from the telestart as well as the pin 1... you then use the remote to select summer or winter mode by pressing a configuration of buttons.. NOTE i did not install this feature on mine as it basically blows the outside air into the car. (no air conditioning) i found that simply using the BMW remote to open all the windows before you get into the car does exactly the same ting a lot quicker

the different models are explained below:-

t70 a basic kit with just activates the the unit depending how long you set it for.
t80 this unit unit will send conformation that the telestart has received the transmission by giving you a conformation light on the remote !!!!
t91 exactly the same as the t80 but the remote is much much smaller ( you can use a t91 with a t80 receiver if you already have a t80 kit
t100 this one does all the above.. but also alows you to set the time you intend to get into the car from the remote.. so you can set it the night before and as long as the unit is in range it will start the heater for you at the required time..

if the car is already warm and say you come to a level crossing .. you can turn off your engine and use your rest button (max button on later cars ) to keep the cabin warm.. if the cabin starts to get cold the webasto will automatically fire up again keeping the car warm!!!! (all diesels do this regardless weather or not telestart is fitted) without the need to start the engine!!!

also regarding the pre 99 530ds.. they use a different system. you can fit the telestart but you have to do a few things .. firstly T off the 12volts send wire to another wire into the back of the air con control panel to activate that part... also you have to get the bmw recoded by main dealer to let the car know a telestart is fitted.. this is done by default on post 99 cars... im not sure which wire you t off into on the air con so dont ask.. it is however on this board somewhere....

just a note about bmws and the aux heater selection process in the navigation screen.. in the uk the option to activate the remote heater from the timer on the navigation screen is disabled... some to do with uk law i think.. euro cars have this option as standard... it also mentions that uk cars have this in the instruction manual.. they dont.. it is disabled... a recode of the IHKA (aircon module) by a European dealer may enable this option although this is unconfirmed .... anyhow back on topic

so in conclusion... you get to your car open the doors .. the inside is really warm ( set for a min of 30.. 40 for toasty.. minutes) and also the engine block is warm which means less engine wear easy cranking and fast warm up times!!

ok here are the tools for the job

you will need:-
A telestart kit t91 with the now smaller remote or.... if your really rich get a t100 for ultimate configuration..
a set of crimp spade terminals and and crimp joiners (to join cable) or solder if you wish!
you can also buy the pins the latch into the webasto itself.. (if you buy the telestart kit then a wire with a pin on it is part of the pack ) but if your doing a non telestart kit then i recomend you get a pin from RS components .. part number below
RS part no is 495-9653 they come in packs of 100
a scotch lock x 1
a blade fuse holder from maplins and a 1 amp fuse to put in it
electric tape,
and some hot glue or silicone (basically something to water tight the connections, (but this is your call if you think your connections need it)

*********EDIT ******* updated links for 2007 and a few bits here and there

https://picasaweb.google.com/richard.tricky/Telestart - for original pictures

you will also need some crimp connectors, scotch locks and an inline fuse holder oh and some thing to waterproof the cable on pin 1 (silicone?!?!)

firstly before you start unwrap the cable loom to expose the individual colored wires take the wrap all the way off (may take some time)

*******also make sure your battery is in tip top condition... ******* the reason is this. if your battery is in any way on its way out the heater senses this and automatically shuts down after a few minutes of operation... it does this so you can at least start your car !!! but the down side is your car will be cold and in some instances the heater will not re-fire until reset by a dealer (very rare)

so go to GSF and get yourself a BOSCH silver top 100 amp battery !! trust me your car will thank you for it... its the same size as the bmw one and all of the bmw covers will fit back on the new battery...also it has the battery vent in the oem place so you can plug your drain pipe into it !!


jack up the car and remove the wheel......remove all the bolts to the wheel arch liner and pull back to reveal the webasto heater


Next remove the 6 pin connector plug by pressing the tabs on the end an pull!!


you now have to take apart the connector.. i did this by gently prizing a screwdriver in there this removes the clip that holds the connector in place... you will now see some pink tabs (see pic) you remove the side that corresponds with pin 1 ( all the pins are numbered on the plastic connector) you then have to take out the small rubber bung that keeps pin 1 water proof.. this is easy to get out with a small screwdriver


next: in your telestart kit there is a small length of purple wire with a connector on the end... slot this connector into pin 1 on the plug, then try and get the rubber bung back in ( i couldn't so i used some hot glue to keep everything dry!!) see prev photo!!! . the purple cable fits in but can be loose and pop out. find something to plug the hole and then it should secure the cable.. i used hot glue....

next reassemble the connector and put back into the heater...

now we move to inside the car remove the plastic trim and pull back the carpet (passenger side) to reveal the wiring loom going to the heater,
next pull the rubber seal out and pull back, you will now see the back of the heater !


this is where you have to cut the wiring loom that came with the telestart... cut the 2 connectors off the end... you do not need these.. and remove the electric tape on the loom.. feed the BLACK wire through the rubber seal and attach it to the wire you installed on the heater on pin 1 and use the supplied crimp connector to join... also i used shrink wrap to water proof the connection i made...

next put the rubber seal back in its hole.. i used some hot glue here to make the seal good again as the new wire can possibly leave a gap..

now remove the glove box, there are 2 bolts on the bottom of it...take these off.. ( sorry no pics here) easy to do. also remove the small clips that hold the straps at the front of the glove box and remove


you will now see a hole that you can put the telestart box into !! just push it in


next open the fuse box.. you are meant to connect your red LIVE wire to fuse position 8 but as were are using a non bmw kit you have to join to one of the the wires that are already there i used fuse 9 (red/yellow) wire and used a scotch lock to attach my red wire to.... you will also want to get an inline fuse holder before you attach the live wire up !!!


next put a crimp connector (spade) on the end of the brown wire and attach to an earth point.. i used a bolt near the telestart..
you will now also have 2 wires left over a PURPLE and GREY you do not need these so cut them off and make safe the ends....

sorry forgot to rotate picture!!!

now plug in your loom into the telestart and tidy up with electrical tape..

next find a place for the antenna, it says in the manual to attach to the top centre of the screen.... but this looks ugly... i place mine under the tax disc holder and pushed it down. it is pressed between the dash the the bottom of the windscreen and this way does not show!! see pic below you can barely see it


run the antenna wire back to the telestart , i ran mine down the door seal and back...and connected into the plug onto the telestart..

you now have to program the remote.. put a fuse (a 1 amp if you can)into your inline fuse holder and remove again. now place the fuse back in again and press the off button on your remote.. your remote is now coded to the telestart

refit your wheel arch liner and put your glove box back in and test all is working!!!!

the fans inside the car WILL come on but only after 5 minutes or so......just so the heater can get the water warm enough first!!

basically as previous post the telestart just send 12 volts to pin 1

you can also via the remote program how long you want the heater on for mine is set at 30 minutes

Disclaimer: i accept no responsibility whatsoever for any wrong, or inaccurate information in this "how to" .. you use this information at your own risk

Source : https://www.bmwland.co.uk -   richard_tricky

Publication date: 24.11.2011 00:00:00

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