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Rear HighLine Camera KIT / f. MMI 3G and RMC headunits for Audi Q3 8U0

Rear HighLine Camera KIT / f. MMI 3G and RMC headunits for Audi Q3 8U0

Based on module - 8U0907441

Producer: Volkswagen

Price: 733.95 EUR including VAT

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  • UPS Express - Worldwide 3-7 days 50.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS / GLS Standard - only in Poland 24h 6.00 EUR brutto
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Product description

Audi Q3 8U0 - Complete set to retrofit an original rear view camera with GUIDANCE Line

Want to get a better look at what is behind you when backing up?  This Backup Camera retrofit is the perfect addition to your vehicle. A great safety feature that allows you to see everything that is behind you when in reverse.  This is also often referred to as a Rear View Camera (RVC).

No additional screens necessary

Suitable for vehicles with:

  • Audi Q3 8U0 - with RMS and MMI 3G

Much easier orientation due to the guiding lines and fields which are integrated into the video picture and change depending on the steering wheel angle


  • Not suitable for vehicles without parking sensors.
    In this case you can block SKU 38728 (rear parking aid)
    or 38730 (front & rear parking aid) in advance. 
    Subsequently, the rear view camera can be installed. 
  • After installation, the vehicle needs to be coded to rear camera.
    Please contact an Audi dealer or workshop with diagnostic software.

Two modes are available:

  • parkingmode 1 (Transverse parking): Useful to park into a slot which is transverse to the driving direction on for reverse driving into a longer entry
  • parkingmode 2 (Longitudinal parking): Useful for parking into a slot along the driving direction on a curb

VAS / VCDS Coding after installation required

Scope of delivery :

  • Handle with Camera
  • Controller 8U0 907 441
  • Wiring from camera to module and from module to headunit

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