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VW Wiring for heated windscreen washer nozzles

VW Wiring for heated windscreen washer nozzles

Producer: Car-Systems

Price: 26.99 EUR including VAT

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  • UPS / GLS Standard - ONLY European Union 1-5 days 20.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS Express - Europe 24/48h 40.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS Express - Worldwide 3-7 days 40.00 EUR brutto
  • UPS / GLS Standard - only in Poland 24h 6.00 EUR brutto
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Product description

Wiring harness for heated windscreen washer nozzles

Specific cable set for heated windscreen washer nozzles of the VW vehicles.
Free vision even in winter by heated washer nozzles.


Parts needed in addition:

  • Heated windscreen washer nozzles

Suitable for the following VW vehicles:

  • VW Beetle 5C
  • VW Caddy 2K
  • VW EOS
  • VW Golf 5
  • VW Golf 6
  • VW Golf 7
  • VW Jetta 1K
  • VW Jetta 5C
  • VW Scirocco
  • VW Passat 3C
  • VW Passat B7
  • VW Tiguan 5N
  • VW Touran 1T
  • VW Touran 2011
  • VW Touareg 7P


Scope of delivery :

  • wiring harness
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